Friday, March 25, 2011

An Acceptance

My short flash piece The Ugly Little Zombling, was accepted for Unquiet Earth - An Anthology of Living Dead Flash Fiction from Static Movement. It is the story of the Ugly Little Duckling but instead of being a goose the little ugly creature is a zombie. Here is a very short teaser:

…Milly was very worried, as any mother of a child with an eating disorder would be. Not only was it not healthy for him it was not healthy for her other children. The ugly duckling was always chasing them, trying to eat their faces.

"Poor little ugly duckling!" she would say. "Why are you so different from the others?"

“Unnngghh” the duckling would answer as it snapped its blood soaked beak at her trying to rip her tender flesh to shreds…

I am very happy to have this odd little story see print. I keep you updated when the anthology is available.

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